GRINGAS - pilot Ep101 by Al Rincones

Three badass female vigilantes travel to South America to hunt down evil drug dealers. 


Seri DeYoung, Vanessa Born, Debbie Kagy

Justin Alvarez, Dominique Generaux, Sara Castro

Camouflage - by Al Rincones and Nazanin Anosheh

Horror Thriller based on real facts. Find out what’s happening in America right now, it’s frightening! 

Written by Nazanin Anosheh

Directed by Al Rincones

Starring: Nazanin Anosheh, Jake Markovits, Carlos Mendez,  and Arezu Mirbaha

RED - by Al Rincones

The real story behind Little Red Ridding Hood - PS: this script was written before the movie Twilight came out and mess everything up. 

Created by:

Veronica DiPerna, Jake Markovits, Al Rincones, Jose Carrillo, Mark Dimaggio, Charly Andez. 


TITLE: How I Met Your Mummy

THEME: Monster Mash

CREDITS: Carlos, Karina Brown, Nahreen

Flashback wins film fight battle

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